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      Linyi Tongxin Qurantine Co., Ltd was established at April 18, 2005, devoting to start an undertaking the enterprise for the high tech and the general small and medium-sized enterprises solution melts the posture to be difficult, to guarantee the difficult question, supports vigorously conforms to the same level industrial policy, has the good development space the outstanding small and medium-sized enterprise to grow, mainly provides the credit for the small and medium-sized enterprise development to guarantee and to melt the posture guarantee service, puts up bridge which between between the enterprise and the bank, the enterprise and the enterprise cooperates, becomes the social economy counter- station the catalyst. The company thought the domestic and foreign enterprises are direct and indirect financing provide the specialized support service are the missions, at the same time and buys, project financing, the request through the development take the enterprise manages finances, the bridge fund as the key state investment service, the property management service, satisfies the social small and medium-sized enterprise to the fund, the capital demand, enhances the enterprise anti- risk and the sustainable development ability, the realization enterprise makes a sound fast, the healthy development.

    Management objective

      Take the country industrial policy as the guidance, manages legally, the control risk, the equality voluntary is the management principle, the exploration modern construction modern speech letter with the guarantee system, to has the development potential the high tech to start an undertaking the enterprise and the small and medium-sized enterprise provides the guarantee, assists it to obtain the bank loan, the science and technology starts an undertaking the enterprise and the small and medium-sized enterprise is fast, healthily develops, effectively dodges the financial risk, assists it to do does greatly strongly. Becomes the bank partner, the enterprise accommodates the capital development the ally. Makes with all one"s strength with the letter in the guarantee profession good brand image. Management idea:

    The good faith is first

    The standard management service is supreme

    Guard risk

    Develops with steady steps

    ADD:Shuangyuehu Luozhuang Linyi Shandong china

    Address:linyi,shandong ,China Tel:0539-8501282Fax:0539-8501395

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